Graeme Chalmers - Galleries

Bird Houses

I have always enjoyed making things with wood. I love folk art. I love colour and architectural decoration.

The birdhouses houses began with visits to thrift stores. While Millie was looking for interesting fabric I hunted for curtain finials, lamp parts, wooden salt and pepper shakers, candle holders, bowls, chess sets, and children’s building blocks, etc.

Edwardian Tiles Paintings

This is a small sample of works inspired by our collection of Victorian and Edwardian tiles. There is a large collection available in the studio and it is interesting to combine them into various configurations.

Wellington County Paintings

Moving to Fergus after living on Canada’s west coast for 33 years required coming to know and appreciate a new landscape. The paintings in this series serve as my aid in this process. The folk art style present in much of the work seems to both fit the landscape and acknowledge that I live with a quilter. Most of the paintings are in acrylic with oil stick overlay.