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Millie Cumming

I have been a quilter since 1993, having discovered the joy of creating in fabric as a result of motherhood. I am a retired physician; first over twelve years as a family physician, delivering lots of babies, then for nineteen years as a palliative care physician, where I learned many things but especially about the strength and grace of people in difficult times.

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My commitment to fibre arts has been strong ever since my beginning into working with fabric. Nature, textiles and family are my major sources of inspiration, and I have a strong interest in the recycling/upcycling of fabrics. I feel privileged to be part of a long tradition of needleworkers, and as I explore new ways of expression in my quilts, I gain a new appreciation for the rich heritage left to us by the quilters and other fabric artists of previous generations.

There are three main themes in my work:
1. cottage quilts – quilts that reflect the peace and renewal I experience when at our cottage in Muskoka
2. “linen quilts” that incorporate the needlework of women in previous times, often undervalued
3. memory quilts

In almost all my quilts, I enjoy incorporating recycled, one-of-a-kind, or unusual fabrics along with the many wonderful new fabrics available.

In addition to guild presentations and workshops, my work has been exhibited in a number of venues, including FAN shows (I was a member of the Fibre Arts Network since it began in 1997, until I moved to Ontario in 2008), Canadian Quilters’ Association National Juried Shows, Grand National Shows and SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) shows. I enjoy owning (and reading and indexing) a large collection of quilt books and magazines and reference materials.

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I have a strong commitment to my extended family, and especially to my husband Graeme Chalmers, our son Andrew, and my stepson and our granddaughter. Graeme and I live in a heritage stone home on the banks of the Grand River in lovely Fergus, Ontario.

My other passions include canoeing in Muskoka, music, photography, and being part of a caring church community.