Millie Cumming

Quilt Publications

Cottage Life, Sept/Oct 2000
If I Could Start Over, Quilters Newsletter Magazine, October 2000
Part of editorial, The Canadian Quilter, Autumn 2002
Considering the Canoe, The Canadian Quilter, summer 2003
Your Cottage in Cloth, Cottage, Sept/Oct 2003
Studios Vignettes, (Cloth, Paper, Scissors) Studios, winter 2010
Colour – Still Terrified?, The Canadian Quilter, summer 2015

Elora Arts Council article interview/article by Beverley Cairns, 2017

Spotlight interview on Create Whimsy, November 2020

Millie is referenced in Homing, by Alice Irene Whittaker, publication date September 2024

My quilts appear in:

  • Cottage Life – Sept/Oct 2000
  • The Canadian Quilter – Autumn 2002
  • Fabrications – Oct/Nov 2006
  • Studios – Winter 2010
  • Art Quilt Collector (SAQA), issue #5, 2016
  • Canadian Quilter – Autumn 2019


Canadian Quilters’ Association

American Quilter’s Society

SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)


Medical CV

Being a physician my life was full of many wonderful, challenging, sometimes exhausting experiences, and never boring.  I could write volumes about these times, but this website is about my quilting, hence the brevity.

Short overview of my medical career:

  • BSc, MD, CCFP at University of Western Ontario, London ON 1967-1976
  • Family physician at Wrinch Memorial Hospital (a United Church hospital) in Hazelton, BC1976-1988
  • Palliative care physician at St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC 1989-2008
  • Moved back to my Ontario roots in July 2008